Each of our maple cutting boards are cut from a single piece of wood, which means there are no glue seams. We use only domestic hardwoods that are sustainably harvested, and choose woods whose natural character lends itself to becoming a great cutting surface that will last for generations. Each BCM&T Co. board comes tempered and pre-finished with our own cutting board oil. We believe if used often and taken care of properly our boards will become more beautiful and uniquely personal. Our boards will add style, warmth, and function to any kitchen.

Standard Boards with Carved Handles
Small 6-7"w x 14-16" l - $185
Medium 8-9"w x 18-20"l - $215

Standard Boards with Double Handle
6-7"w x 30-32"l - $275
8-9"w x 34-36"l - $345

Round Butcher Block
16' diameter x 3'' thick - $620

Specialty Boards (subject to wood availability)
Large Board 10-12"w x 22-24"l - $345

Visit one of our Retailers or contact us at 917-797-1903 or info@blackcreekmt.com to order directly.