Our cutting board oil has been formulated specifically for wood items used in the kitchen. Unlike vegetable, nut & unfortified mineral oils, this products explicit purpose is to help care for & protect wood kitchenware wood work surfaces & so forth. It's superior quality makes it an excellent choice for stone surfaces that require oil as a part of maintenance.

It can also be used on unsealed or unfinished wood products, furniture, children's toys, etc.

Our cutting board oil is a blend the highest quality ingredients - white mineral oil, cold pressed essential oils & bee propolis.

Available in our original red seal lemon essence or our green seal rosemary essence. Each bottle is made by hand in our studio in Kingston NY.

$37 for 8 oz. bottle.

Visit one of our Retailers or contact us at 917-797-1903 or bcmt.co@gmail.com to order directly.