We have been designing and making solid wood furniture for over 20 years and take great pride in our client's satisfaction and in making excellent work.  All of the pieces that we make are constructed from 100% domestically sourced, sustainable hard woods, and the joinery that we use is time honored, traditional wood connections.  All of our finishes are also traditional, time tested techniques that are 100% non-toxic, extremely durable and food safe.  The thoughtfulness, expertise and care that we bring to our work is intended to create beautiful furniture that will well outlast its owner.  It is a labor of love and an uncompromising pursuit of quality that we feel sets our work apart.  Please note we can customize our dimensions to fit your specifications & our standard pieces are made from white oak.

"For as long as I have been building wood furniture, wood movement has been among the most humbling of realities. In fact, many of my designs are born out of an attempt to make ever-more harmonious collaborations with this natural material.  Far from playing it safe however, I like to push the limits of the designs by pushing the limits of the material.  The apparent simplicity of the work relies on this relationship. The materials unique physical attributes are also used as a way to help point out its natural beauty.  Sometimes the tenacity of the wood species that gives it its strength and character also make it prone to checks if the humidity drops too much.  Some configurations can make this outcome more or less likely, and some environments also can contribute to wood movement.  Rarely, if ever does this "opening" become structural problems, more often they simply express themselves as “cosmetic” seasonal phenomenon that fluctuate with the relative humidity.   As crafts people and artisans, we work very hard to build the most beautiful pieces possible.  We source only the best material.  Our work is not mass produced, we take time with each piece, and we are not afraid to hold work that does not meet our standards.  While we pour ourselves into the pieces when they are in our shop, we do not ultimately have control over the environment to which they will go . . . and the truth is that splits and checks in wood furniture are more complicated than just a failure of craftsmanship"  Caring for your BCMT CO. furniture pieces.


Visit one of our Retailers or contact us at 917-797-1903 or bcmt.co@gmail.com to order directly.