We have been designing and making solid wood furniture for over 20 years and take great pride in our client's satisfaction and in making excellent work.  All of the pieces that we make are constructed from 100% domestically sourced, sustainable hard woods, and the joinery that we use is time honored, traditional wood connections.  All of our finishes are also traditional, time tested techniques that are 100% non-toxic, extremely durable and food safe.  The thoughtfulness, expertise and care that we bring to our work is intended to create beautiful furniture that will well outlast its owner.  It is a labor of love and an uncompromising pursuit of quality that we feel sets our work apart.  Please note we can customize our dimensions to fit your specifications & our standard pieces are made from white oak.  Caring for your BCMT CO. furniture pieces.


Visit one of our Retailers or contact us at 917-797-1903 or bcmt.co@gmail.com to order directly.