The wood items in Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co.’s Blackline Collection utilize a natural reactive process to give them their distinctive dark finish. No pigments are used to create this black color. This unique technique makes use of the tannic acid inherent in white oak to develop a deep, durable, food-safe dye; the source of which comes from within the wood itself.

As with most natural processes, some variation in color is to be expected. Natural dyes will “wear” over time developing a rich patina that is special to the object and how it is being used.

The finish is surprisingly resilient and to some extent “self-healing’. Leaving food to sit on wooden kitchenware for extended periods of time is inadvisable in general. It should be noted that citrus foods and tart berries may affect the natural finish if left to sit on boards or bowls for extended periods of time.  We also offer these in a white version.

Serving Boards (sizes include handle)
Small board - -8’’w x 16’’l - $265
Large board - 8’’w x 20’’l - $315
Paddle board - 5’’w x 26’’l - $285
Round board - 12'' w x 18''l - $325

Caring for your Blackline products

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