Each of our tools are made from a solid piece of wood, (with the exception of our mallet which is a two part piece) sturdy yet elegantly shaped, and designed to be used. Conceived of as free form sculpture, these tools offer a sense of creative connection to ordinary kitchen tasks.

Available in maple wood, black or blonde finish.

Lollipop Spoon - $130
Lollipop Spatula - $130
Long Scoop - $130
Colossal Spoon - $220
Deep Spoon - $150
Triangle Spatula/Scoop - $130
Pasta Fork - $130
Mallet - $230
Cooking Stick (aka our bent spatula) $80
French rolling pin - $90
Large rolling pin - $230
Oversize rolling pin -  $345

Visit one of our Retailers or contact us at 917-797-1903 or bcmt.co@gmail.com to order directly.